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A private investor for 20+ years, I manage private portfolios and write about investing. You can read my market musings on three different sites: 1) The Deipnosophist, dedicated to teaching the market's processes and mechanics; 2) Investment Poetry, a subscription site dedicated to real time investment recommendations; and 3) Seeking Alpha, a combination of the other two sites with a mix of reprints from this site and all-original content. See you here, there, or the other site!

01 February 2005

What are these "Notable" entries...?

My objective with the "Recommended books, films, and music" is to alert you to specific reading, viewing, and listening opportunities that will enrich your life as much (I hope) as the stock recommendations will enrich your portfolio value.

By and large, most of what I recommend will be comparatively little-known. (What would be the value of recommending... say, The DaVinci Code when everyone does so?) I provide each title with its link at so that you can glean the opinions of other people. Of course, should you purchase any of the recommended titles, some income will be directed my way, so please help support your neighborhood Deipnosophist!

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