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26 February 2006

Can Google Stay Google?

This article from Fast Company starts out of the gates fast and interestingly...
"The real questions (and they're questions any fast-growing, innovation-based company must ask itself at some point) are: How can Google keep its edge for the long run? What can it do to make sure it's still a hot company in 2010? How can a maturing organization with 3,000 people hold on to what made it a great startup?"
but then fizzles well before its conclusion. Nonetheless, you will read within many gems of insight...
"Here's the way I think of it," he [Sergey Brin] says. "Is this the place I would want to work if I were graduating from a PhD program now?" ... "Yes," he answers. Why? The key reason is that Google lets brilliant computer scientists work on "great technical problems" that provide the intellectual stimulation and challenge they crave. "Artificial intelligence, complex systems, user interface -- all the things I studied as a graduate student, we hit the limits of..."
Many items within the article mimic my beliefs re the company -- e.g., its rapidly inhering opportunity, and the consilience that could grow from its culture -- some of which I revealed in my post, Tempo Rubato. And although the Fast Company article was published seven months ago, I read it only this morning! I swear. :-)

By the by, if you have yet to read this Google page, it behooves you to do so.

-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

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