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01 November 2007

Real time investment advice

'browser' writes...
"Would you please consider a journal entry, or a regular monthly revised entries on what sensible entry points for your Core 9 might be? The last I recall was your recommendation of GOOG at 500, which was a great winner. Many of the others have run wildly since then without entry points for new monies having been discussed. I would find your appraisals of risk/reward for placing new money into the Core 9 most helpful."
Well, browser, as sensible as your request might be, it also is beyond the scope of this blog. I did not envision this effort to be a trading advisory service; there are plenty of those around. This blog, really, is my trading log, albeit very public. Nonetheless, I will attempt to comply with your request in some manner that satisfies us all.

Yes, frequently comes an opportunity to purchase -- or sell, as with the recent partial liquidation of ISRG -- so fantastic that I scream it from the rooftops. But, no, my objective here is to share winning investing techniques via the correct discernment of price, volume, pattern, and trend (continuum). Thus, you will find many, many lessons -- but no lesson plan. Oh, and the opportunities (the Core 9) that crown my list. When considered together, my Core 9 and the lessons I (attempt to) teach, consistently successful investing should be the result for your portfolio; i.e., an ever-increasing total portfolio value over all seasons and cycles. Match off the investing techniques with the investment opportunities that resonate for you. All of which means save your favorite posts, as they would make for an excellent investing book. (Any publishers out there?)

It so happens that I help manage clients' portfolios. My objective as a money manager is not to trade short term opportunities, but to identify the best long term investment opportunities in the quest to build wealth, not generate taxable trading profits. Once identified, we purchase at opportune moments, and then hold long term. ("Long term" = a valuation based on many measures that is sufficient to our shared objectives.) I find this effort to manage my clients' portfolios to be the best admixture of their needs and my talents.

If this opportunity catches your fancy, and you would like to learn more (including discussing past performance with clients), please contact me at

Full Disclosure: Long money management as a practice and as a business

-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

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