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08 January 2008


The Internet has been abuzz the past 3 months with rumours of a new movie, originally code-named, 1.18.08, and then (and now), Cloverfield.

Little was known -- was the movie an easter egg for the TV show, LOST? (The movie's producer is that show's co-creator, JJ Abrams.) Was it a monster movie? Science fiction? Horror? About terrorists? So little was known, and nothing was leaked... until the movie's first trailer, which confounded all viewers not in the know, and thus served only to fan the flames of rumour into an all-out conflagration of buzz.

I understand the entire movie was filmed as cinéma-vérité; if true, consider it an unusual technique, although its story line demands verisimilitude. The movie opens only 10 days from now. We all can judge then whether the movie deserved the buzz. Until then, there is the trailer...

So, yes, I sit on tenterhooks. Include me as one very motivated attendee!
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist


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