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14 March 2008

Fessin' up

Among the many private issues that managed to steal my time the past ~6 weeks, one item in particular stands out when it comes to this blog effort...

I purchased a new CPU in mid-January, and began the migration to it in late-January... just before the hard drive on the old CPU died. Whew. However, the new CPU has plagued me with non-stop problems. At first I blamed the manufacturer, until I learned the true responsibility -- blame, if you will -- belongs to Microsoft's Windows Vista OS. What words could begin to describe that OS? How about buggy, unstable, non-functional, s l o w (and I have 4Gb of RAM!); I could continue, but why? These problems are not unknown.

The irony is that I really wanted to buy my first Apple computer, but chose this CPU as a time patch, because I could be up & running immediately rather than endure the learning curve for Apple's OS right now. Oops, my error; six weeks later -- and a major crash yesterday -- simply have consumed WAY too much of my time. And resulted in fewer posts to this blog during extreme market conditions. I am sorry for not being here, as I more typically would. And, obviously, for not writing the promised post re double bottoms; I will do it this weekend.

So where do I sign up for an Apple computer? Perhaps readers who were Windows users but made the switch will share their stories with how successful and easy the change was/is.

I am all ears.
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist


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