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10 June 2008

More a reply than an answer

A reader writes...

First off, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us. Your blog is one of the few I follow. Second, any chance you have time to take a look at NNVC and share your thoughts with us? Thanks either way, and keep up the good words. P.S. focuses quite a bit on NNVC.
First, thank you for your kind comments. Second, your question re NNVC, as stated, is ambiguous. Do you want my "thoughts" re the company, its products, or its stock? And, if the stock, are you long or short? What is your investing time frame? Your answers to these questions, and others unasked, would help guide me in providing an answer specific to your interests.

That said, I know Allan Harris recommends Nanoviricides/NNVC, and I think he does a fine job of dissecting the company, its product, and the stock via frequent updates. (Even though he is very bullish on the company.) I wonder what more I could add that Allan does not already provide.

And, as it happens, Allan and I are friends, which adds yet another layer of appreciation to his many successes. Investing is only a part of it; do not forget his role in bringing the Stanley Cup to Detroit, which effort was only part time!
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

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