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24 July 2008


No matter how much I strive for clarity -- and how often I repeat a lesson -- some readers fail to grasp a truth central to my success. When I state, for example...
"Yes, I perceive this phase of the market decline (in place since May) is probably complete, and the entire decline (bear market, whatever) that began approximately 9 months ago, in October 2007, is possibly complete. Readers of this blog have their buy lists ready, and recognize specific investment opportunities actionable in his or her time frame."

Please understand that I never perceive the market as a monolith. But what the hell could I mean, then, if I do not perceive the market as a monolith?

How about the understanding that my interest in specific investment opportunities begins and ends with the market's leaders. I have shared my denotation of this term ad nauseum, so I will not bore you again. (Please do not email me your private request; instead search the archive.) My 9 Core Opportunities begin to exercise their status as leaders via their heading higher to recovery highs, even all time highs.

It is possible that their new highs could pull higher the general market, although not necessary for their success. Not to be trite, but it is a market of stocks, not a stock market.

So where do you place your modifier?
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosphist


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