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18 October 2008

McCain loses; the country wins

Gosh, I do not intend to steer this blog into the landmine-strewn field of politics, nor do I intend to betray my political preferences, but...

Does anyone truly wonder why McCain's aspirations to be President sink quickly?
Throughout Debate #1, McCain could not look Obama in the eye; heck, he could not even look in Obama's general direction;
During Debate #2, McCain referred to Obama as "That One" (and insulted the moderator, Tom Brokaw); and
During Debate #3, McCain betrayed facial looks of impatience, disgust, and disrespect. The most obvious example occurred post-debate in this non-photoshopped picture (caption courtesy of Yahoo)...

US Republican presidential nominee Senator John McCain (R-AZ) reacts to almost heading the wrong way off the stage after shaking hands with Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) at the conclusion of the final presidential debate

Add several factors -- including but not limited to McCain's recent erratic behavior, his nonsensical comments, his daddy posture to shield his VP candidate (a selfish decision if ever there were one. For the good of country or the good of John McCain?) -- and the total picture comes into clearer focus.
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist


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