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13 November 2008

We interrupt this broadcast for a moment of beauty

I listen to a lot of music, and most of it is good, very good indeed; rarely, though, is it great, for the ages, Art. With a capital A. I consider Hem [to be] rara avis, as do may critics. Below is a snippet from Michael Hill's review of Hem's, Funnel Cloud:
Hem’s third studio album, Funnel Cloud, features songs of such carefully crafted, dream-like beauty that it’s almost impossible to place exactly where they’ve come from or even in what era they might have been recorded. You can hear a subtle country twang, the storytelling simplicity of great folk music, a touch of Tin Pan Alley sophistication. They at times recall the emotionally stirring sweep of movie music from an age when the best pictures were shot in Cinemascope and orchestras crowded onto sound stages to perform the scores. These tunes are so immediately involving, sometimes so soothingly familiar, that you’ll insist you know them - and love them - already. Hem exists very much in the here and now, but always manages to evoke the timeless."
Yeah, you got that right. When I shared Hem with you 2 weeks ago, I selected a song from their first CD, Half-Acre, a slow moving ballad. I thought I would up the ante, and speed, with their song, Not California, and Sally Ellyson's big voice, and that mind-blowingly fantastic closing refrain...

Yes a moment of beauty, as we investors wait impatiently for tomorrow's close of business -- the final business day for redemptions at hedge funds. Thankfully, too, as forced, indiscriminate selling by hedge funds is the cause of much of the markets' havoc the past 2 months.
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

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