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04 December 2008

Has he no sense of shame?

Has Jim Cramer no sense of shame?

I can think of no employer that stands aside as an employee lobbies publicly for a new job, as Jim Cramer does seemingly every opportunity he gets... all while at the job. (CNBC, Jim's bully-pulpit.) Really, imagine the audacity. Moreover, I can think of no person more ill-suited than Jim Cramer for any public office, SEC chairmanship included.

Quite simply, Jim has the wrong temperment (he is renowned to be a screamer), the wrong attitude (he is renowned not to be a team player), and the wrong skill-set (Jim's short term time frame, everything now, lacks contextual bearing). Combine Jim's omni-present tirades with his attitude and skill-set, and then watch as the SEC founders, directionless; well, effectively directionless, as Jim reacts to each ripple while he fails to see or recognize the waves and tides.

I know Jim means well, and he certainly knows his stuff (although not as well as he thinks he does). If any of my 7 readers have access to Team Obama, please let them know that an appointment of Jim Cramer to any public office would be a poor selection and their first big boo-boo.

I feel confident there exist other reasons why Jim Cramer is the wrong person for the job. What are yours...?
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

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