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29 January 2009

Market update

Well, not really, as this post is devoid of my market comments because, and as you know, I await your thoughts. The more time before you share is that much longer before I write and post a market-related commentary.

This position is no coy game on my part. I view this website as a method to share (my) understanding re the markets and to teach that understanding; my thoughts shared here re the markets' (then-) current trajectory are incidental. That people do not participate (in any manner) bothers me; how will I know you get it if you say nothing? I cannot move on beyond the rudiments until I know you understand them; four years after I began this blog seems an auspicious moment to show you do understand.

Please consider this post an open thread to speak your mind on whatever topic strikes your fancy, though I admit I am keen to read your comments re the markets.

-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist


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