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10 August 2009

34 years on...

For the past ~11 years, I have viewed the market to be in a high level consolidation, described often on this blog, and most recently yesterday in the post, Da parvis grandis acervus erit. In fact, readers and other investors should recall my frequent mention of the 1966-1982 'bear' market as my template for the current market environment.

The surprising, startling market rally of the past 9 months neither surprises nor startles me; I expected it. (Which does not mean the market plummet did not frighten me, as it did you.) So the news that journalists and other investors now, finally, see what I have seen all this time -- or at least one portion of it -- is gratifying.

Seems, then, an auspicious moment to begin a correction (whether of price or time), what with the increasing numbers of bulls.
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist


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