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18 March 2010

Introducing ALikeList

I receive many questions; several asked so many times they can be grouped under broad topic headers. One such topic would be the source of my investment ideas. How do I get my investment ideas? Below I limn one such situation...

Many of you might recall my friend, Jim Delli Santi, from his level-headed participation on George Gilder's Technology forum (GTF), several of you might recall he was one of two forces behind my long-ago trading seminar (Bailey Williams being the other), and a few of you know him to be a great guy, a wonderful friend and husband, and with a storied professional history. Well, Jim has co-founded (with Michael McConachie, another friend) the new company, ALikeList...

Introducing ALikeList

You know that I love Google/GOOG's algorithm, which I view, simply (bluntly), as the wisdom of the crowd. What Jim and Michael have created with ALikeList inverts that thesis, as Jim mentions in the 2-part interview below...

I bet you figured out ALikeList's entire story within the first 5 minutes of part 1, but stuck around for the entire, exciting story. (Or as much as the interviewer allowed Jim to reveal.) 

ALikeList has already received its first round of VC funds, as Jim notes in the interview. Ingeniously, ALikeList relies upon the network effect, but builds upon it by delivering value that you trust and that you assign. Do I use ALikeList? Yes. The product is in its initial phase of release, which makes it too early for the network effect to build to full momentum (it will). Jump aboard now as a user -- build your list of likes, invite your friends and family to build their lists of likes -- and come to know well a company that will change the way we live, how we interact with other people.

I know ALikeList, recognize its value, one I trust (because its paradigm is itself trust), and whose executives have a tried and true pedigree as talented people. What more could I ask for as an investor?

Well, its IPO. And likely make my list of winning long term investments.
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist


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