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22 April 2010

Google, now slower than poured molasses

I moved all my cloud services to Google a few years ago for one primary reason: Google's servers were blazingly fast.

Note the past tense in the previous sentence. Now, and for the past ~2 months, many (most? all?) of Google's servers run slower than poured molasses. In a painful reminder of dial up modem connectivity and bandwidth speeds, I now watch web pages load element by element... and if a site includes Flash or other bells and whistles, forget about it.

GMail is the worst offender. I have followed each step of Google's prescription (use Chrome, clear its cache, use the non-secure http page not the https page, etc) and still I could brew a pot of coffee in the time it takes a message to delete or another message to open. Really, I could percolate a pot of coffee in the amount of time Google now requires.

The problem is not my ISP, nor my computer. A COX technician stopped by on Tuesday, tweaked this and that (unnecessarily so, he said), pinged and trace-routed several websites, and other tests, and discovered what I already knew: Google has a problem with its servers -- and only they can correct it.

So how about it Google? I know you read this blog, so perhaps you will forward my post to the appropriate Brainiacs and resolve this problem...?
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist


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