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18 August 2010

Hey, Google!

Dear, Googleplex,

I typically am all in favor of updates, upgrades, and even major changes, so in general I support your recent efforts to improve GMail and Chrome. Certainly, their new, streamlined look leaves more room for the user than the products' form ever really required.

However, and sad to report, the Google products no longer sync to my Apple devices (iPhone and iPad). I have been in contact with various representatives from Apple, in person and via telephone, to repair the problem and end up frustrated. Their usual response: Apple supports Microsoft's products, not Google's. How is that for irony?!

The specific problems:
1) Google Contacts do not sync (upload), not at all;
2) Older GMail messages do not sync (upload);
3) Google Calendars do not sync (upload) completely, missing many items or entire calendars;
4) Bookmarks do not sync at all. (I import my favorite sites to Safari from Chrome, but the sync accepts only the bookmarks bar!)

It took me a while to realize these problems all began within the past 2 weeks -- when you tweaked Chrome and GMail. Until that time, the syncs worked perfectly fine on my iPhone and iPad. I would bet my recent experience is no different than other users; we all likely suffer from the new incompatibility between Google's cloud-based products and Apple's devices.

Please effect the changes necessary to make these products work as they always did, perfectly fine. Certainly I would appreciate your efforts to tweak the recent changes, as I rely on your many excellent products just as much as I do Apple's devices. Thank you.

Your fan,
David M Gordon


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