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08 June 2011

Introducing: Creative Genius On-the-Go!

A good friend and fantastic artist, Marty Safir - along with his wife and partner, Marjorie Sarnat - have developed a mobile app for the iPhone and iPod touch, called Creative Genius On-the-Go!

Creative Genius On-the-Go!
offers a fun creative thinking tool for busy parents who love to engage their children in imaginative enrichment activities. It's a convenient way to provide open-ended creativity for young minds with 150 quick and fun challenges, diversions, and scenarios that can be played anytime, anywhere.

★ 50 What Ifs? - prompts the player to describe how the impossible may be possible
★ 50 Imagine That! - mind-stretching challenges that boost brainpower and zap boredom
★ 50 Wack-tivities - silly and fun diversions to get the creative juices flowing

It's received nice reviews so far. It is meant for children but appeals to "kids" of all ages.

If you have an iPhone or iPod touch and you're so inclined, please download the app (it's 99c), and, importantly, please rate it. This is very helpful because with the hundreds of thousands of apps available, the only way to raise its visibility in the app store is with a fresh stream of high ratings.

iTunes App Store link for more info and for purchasing

Pricing and Availability
Introductory price of only 99c

Additional Notes for the Curious
The activities are in the form of short, written prompts that children can play independently or with a friend or sibling. It also affords a great opportunity to have lively interaction together with the parent. These were all written by the highly prolific and creative mind of Marjorie -- there's no stopping her creative output. Marty developed the graphics and designed and oversaw development of the user interface.

I know that Marjorie and Marty will appreciate your support.

Thank you!
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

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