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26 October 2011


Yes, I intentionally misspelled the header, but for a purpose: To introduce this excellent article re Apple/AAPL's new (purchased) voice interface, Siri...

"Apple has just introduced voice as a major user interface and that its use of voice coupled with AI on a consumer product like the iPhone is going to change the way consumers think about man-machine interfaces in the future."

Change the way users interface with their mobile technology? (A generic heading because Siri paves the way for more devices from Apple.) You bet'cha. No longer do you use the device to communicate with other people and services, you have the device communicate with you. Remember all the cool devices in old science fiction stories? While many have yet to come true, the future is at hand... in your hand. And equally distributed.

btw, investors should note the article's penultimate paragraph...
"For Apple’s investors, the call for them to start paying dividends on their cash hoard is too short-sighted. Instead..."
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

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