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03 April 2012

A headline that sets my blood to boil

First, the headline...
Allegiant Travel to charge $35 carry-on fee

Okay, if you are like me and travel a lot, you too can now set your blood to boil.

Questions arise immediately: What qualifies as "carry-on"...? All the luggage that passengers yoke behind them, of course, in the now forlorn attempt to avoid the checked bag fee. (And for which adequate cabin space is non-existant.) But also perhaps...

- Briefcases?
- Purses?
- Wallets?
- A bag for baby items?
- A bag for your magazines and books?
- The bag that holds your food and drink? (For which you paid an extortionate price because you were on the wrong side of Checkpoint Charlie, aka, TSA)
- Crutches and canes?
- Your arms? (You 'carry' them, as opposed to your legs that 'carry' you.)
- Etc

I admit the list grows silly - the folly of relying solely on a headline - but wonder: When and where do these fees end? I recall with disdain RyanAir's fee to use the toilet on the company's planes.

Are you as pissed as me?
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

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