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16 February 2006

For Net stocks, wild rides aren't over yet

This article, from the Christian Science Monitor, is as misguided as they come. (But please read it anyway; it is comparatively brief.) Its author builds an argument -- based (almost) solely on Google/GOOG's recent ~$140 price drop -- that "may mean more opportunities for Google to win big - and lose - for investors."

Look, I have suggested before, and reiterate now, drop a zero from Google/GOOG's share price; that is, move the decimal point one space to the left. It is very common for stocks to decline to $33.78 from $47.51; in fact, it happens all the time. If this parallax view offers clarity or comfort, great; if not, oh well. Please recognize that volatility is what creates the opportunities for investors to profit. Although a $140 decline might seem a headline event, it is not. Rather it is an opportunity for true investors to buy more shares. And it has nothing to do with what transpires inside the company; life there continues apace.

-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

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