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27 April 2006

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is "the leading network of stock market blogs for professional investors, industry participants and sophisticated individuals." The site is a product of David Jackson's creation and imagination. (David was a sell-side analyst at Morgan Stanley.) David saw
"an opportunity to build a network of sector web sites that provide filtered, edited and ticker-ized stock opinion and analysis. is the hub of the network, but each article resides on a sector specific web site that readers can subscribe to via RSS or email. The opinion and analysis for the sites comes from research analysts, money managers, financial advisors, industry insiders and smart individuals, many of whom write their own blogs. SeekingAlpha also carries charts and conference call transcipts, which makes it a"must-read" site for investment professionals."
Seeking Alpha deserves your attention for many reasons. Visit the site, and discover those reasons for you becoming a frequent visitor.

In a final note, and as David explained to me,
"... there are now about 100 contributors to SeekingAlpha. I invite only those people to become contributors who I think are really good. I'm not saying this to be snooty or for flattery, but rather because, as the volume of free content on the Internet rises, filtering of good from less-good content becomes more and more important, particularly infinance where quality and integrity are so critical."
So, in full disclosure, comes the 'news' that The Deipnosophist makes the cut for inclusion. It is my honor to be included among the investment luminaries David has gathered. Now I really have my work cut out for me!
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosphist

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