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20 January 2008

Why ask why?

Often come the questions -- "Why do you do this? Why expend such effort as this website obviously requires... and for no pay?"

I never really had an answer to those questions... Until now. Sure, I claimed that I sought to help other investors, especially since popping my head out of my warren back in 1997. All the while, I strove to find my voice -- How best to share my market insights to help investors find serenity in the markets? Oh, and consistently successful results from their investing.

The effort has been a 10 year struggle; this website is its result. Many readers come and go, some frustrated, others angry. (The "angry" want me to satisfy their individual needs, not mine. As if I can be all things to all people.) So, yes, at times, even I question my motivations.

And, then, like manna from heaven, come testimonials such as this fine introduction by "Ambo Suno". "Ambo" honors me with his regard, his esteem, and the perception that while my efforts might be a struggle for me, they still offer meaning and value.

Thank you, "Ambo." And thank you to all the other readers who glean value from my ramblings. I am here for you.

Full Disclosure: Long the friendships and connections that come from reaching out to other people.
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

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