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25 June 2008

Apple's deep bench, and nary a bench-warmer among them

For those investors who fret about Apple/AAPL sans Steve Jobs, this article should go far to help ease your worries.

"... shares Jobs’ single-minded focus on the customer experience, and when he parts ways with Jobs — the Genius Bar, where customers get hands-on troubleshooting, was a Johnson idea that Jobs resisted — he is often right. Most retailers focus on how you find the right item, he says, how you select it and how you get it out of the store. “We said there’s a bigger idea. Let’s design it around the customer’s life, not the moment when they’re in the store.” Apple’s second-most charismatic public speaker, he is on several outsiders’ short list of possible successors."

We each, as humans, tend to focus monomaniacally on the presumed asymptote as the natural tying together of various threads into one tidy fabric, and conclusion. The truth, though, is that the many threads rarely tie together to form a whole anything. Not even in the asymptote.

-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist


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