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31 July 2008

Three investing sites

Three interesting websites whose focus is investing...

A hat tip to Bill Luby for the first two sites:

1) Chart Game
"The time-lapse stock trading game."

2) Inspectd
"Inspectd allows you to test your stock market skills against real historical data. We'll show you a random chart from the past, and you try to guess whether the stock rose or dropped. We'll even give you $100,000 in play money to test your skill. But beware: it's addictive!"

You bet it's addictive -- in fact, both sites are addictive -- and a tremendous help to all investors who want to understand charting. Why? Because the sites place you on the hard, right edge of a chart, and then ask, "Buy, sell, or hold?"

And for its practical application (among many reasons)...

"Financial Visualizations: Charts, maps, quotes, stock screener, etc." I like this site for several reasons, but one crucial item is that it obviates the typical web experience of clicking on link after link that effectively carry you far away from your starting point; here, you rest your cursor on a stock that appears of interest, and a pop-up chart appears. You can then click over to learn more. Excellent!

btw, FinViz has been on this blog's sidebar for several months now, but only one reader has actually clicked on the link. 'Tis a shame, of course (readers' lack of interest), but the reality no longer surprises me.
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

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