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26 August 2008

More re Animoto

Last week, I talked up, and showed why, Animoto could be the Web's killer app. And now comes Michael Arrington (of TechCrunch) re Animoto...

"... creates videos that combine music and your photos. You upload photos directly to the service or authorize it to grab them from Flickr, Facebook, Photobucket, Smugmug or Picasa. Then it adds music you upload or that you select from the site and creates a video. It’s a variant on Slide, RockYou and similar services who for the last year have been much more focused on their Facebook Application business. The service now has 250,000 users in 200 countries and 4 million or so videos have been viewed 50 million times..."
Eric Rhoads' (of Word Tipping) offers a fascinating reply, "Animoto is by far the best Web 2.0 site (emphasis mine -- dmg) I have used yet. Its simple to use and works like magic. I like that they add features very slowly, but when they do, they work perfectly. The new HD downloads are a great example. Not only do you get a HD Quicktime file, but you also get a pre-packaged ISO. This may not mean much to tech savvy people but for the average user, being able to download this and burn it onto a DVD without file conversion hassles is simply priceless."

So, okay, only one reader of this (my) blog has actually signed up with Animoto; at least, to date. 'Tis a shame. Life and investing share so many similarities; investing really is nothing other than a subset of life itself.

Be early, and pay less, or be late(r) and pay more.

Full Disclosure: A proud and happy user of Animoto.
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

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