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17 September 2008

End of the Road?

To my dismay, The Deipnosophist never garnered the audience I believe it deserves. I have pondered this reality for the past several months, and discussed the issue with friends and colleagues. This site's failure to achieve visibility, and its inability to ignite lively discussions on any topic, frustrates and disappoints me. Reluctantly but finally, though, I admit to the recognition that this blog likely will remain a static place where I pose my thoughts and a very few people come to read them. And even fewer comment.

This is not to fault any of my readers, nor to slight those of you who choose to comment, but a simple statement of fact. Many reasons could explain why this blog fails to gather a growing readership and engage its readers in topics financial, intellectual, and emotional, but among them is this possibility: the problem is me. My posts are laden with "big words," the "concepts too abstruse," the posts "too lengthy," my overall writing style "too robotic," etc, and so my posts... bore you.

Before I make my final decision re this blog's fate (and the secondary decision as to whether to leave the blog online and accessible), it is only appropriate to include you in the decision process... Please consider this post to be an invitation to offer your comments and suggestions re this blog, its future, etc.

And, should push come to shove, please know that I would miss you. Just as I would miss my public persona. Heck, the work and effort I invested just to sustain this blog could result in something new and different down the line.

"Ask the experienced rather than the learned. Only speak when your words are better than your silence." -- Arabic proverb

"Empty, and be full
Bend, and be straight
Have much, and be confused
Have little, and gain everything.

Be well. Invest well.
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

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