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20 October 2008

A final step beyond the pale

Allan Harris referred me (us) to this article, or "exposé" to quote Allan. (And which article is too important to leave buried in this blog's comments section.) Allan is correct; the journalist identifies and reveals John McCain [to be] unfit to serve as this nation's Commander-in-Chief.

Which makes Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama even more meaningful...

... Especially when you recall that Powell and McCain have been friends for something like 25 years.

I prefer not to venture into politics, because I recognize that any group of people will divide almost evenly into favoring this or that candidate or issue; for the advocates of McCain, they will view revelations of McCain's true character as ploys by the Democrats. (And vice-versa.) So, to be clear, I do not endorse any one candidate or issue, only share in the disgust at a person who dares to call the kettle black.

Of course, I welcome your comments and insights, as always.

-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist


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