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13 February 2009

More Suleman than Sully

Long time readers know I regard Peggy Noonan with high esteem. I first took notice of her easy charm since her early days as one of three primary speechwriters for Ronald Reagan during his Presidency. Since then, she continues to grace us with her words and insights.

Evidence #1...
There's a sense that everyone's digging in. President Obama has dug in on this stimulus bill: Pass it or see catastrophe. Republicans are dug in: Pass it and see catastrophe. The digging in is a way of showing certitude, and they're showing certitude because they're lost. We hire politicians to know what to do about empty stores, job loss, and "Retail Space Available." But they don't, and more than ever we know they don't. And there's something else, not only in Manhattan but throughout the country. A major reason people are blue about the future is not the stores, not the Treasury secretary, not everyone digging in. It is those things, but it's more than that, and deeper...
Read her essay from today's edition of the Wall Street Journal to learn why I read voraciously everything Peggy writes.
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

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