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04 February 2009

Why the GOP is bereft of ideas

Continuing my theme of the post below...

Is it any wonder the Republicans have zero ideas when news of this type hits?

"Joe the Plumber is scheduled to address GOP congressional aides today on the economic stimulus package, Politico reports. Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, of Ohio, became a household name during the presidential campaign after a brief sidewalk debate with candidate Barack Obama. Politico says Wurzelbacher, who also did a brief stint as a war correspondent in Israel recently, will speak to the Conservative Working Group, an organization of Hill staffers who meet regularly to chart GOP strategy for the week."
Hmm, I should be fair; perhaps Joe the Plumber has the right stuff. Of course, I need only view this video...

... to know the true value of his insights. And, to think, the GOP actually sits up and pays attention.

I would be laughing... if I were not already crying.
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

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