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20 June 2009

"Ugh!" or Ug99

"'This thing has immense potential for social and human destruction.' Startling words - but spoken by the father of the Green Revolution, Nobel laureate Norman Borlaug, they are not easily dismissed. An infection is coming, and almost no one has heard about it..."

New Scientist magazine was among the first to warn us -- more than 2 years ago. Today, despite the hope expressed in the NS article, the problem only worsens, as it spreads far and wide.

Money is there to be made for investors... but what of it if we all die of hunger? And, of course, between now and then, food costs (with wheat as the core item) will ratchet higher by leaps and bounds that will offset monies made in various speculative investments.

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-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

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