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12 August 2009

Stock Reflex

StockReflex allows a person to back test and thus hone his or her trading skills by simulating historical stock behavior. So a person could use this as an authentic stock behavior simulator and a "student" could test his skills as the simulator moves through time.

From the company website...
StockReflex lets you hone your trading skills by replaying years of real historical stock data in minutes. Simply click when you want to buy or sell and get an instant read on how your decisions would have played out.
• Refine your technical analysis skills
• Learn to trade without emotion
• Experiment with multiple trading strategies
• Improve your ability to "gut feel" a stock
• Teach yourself when to cut losses and protect gains
• Relive stock trading decisions you made in the past
• Analyze patterns and trends in various market sectors to apply to future trading
• Compare your scores against other traders
• Test if your skills and instincts beat buy and hold

Good luck!
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

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