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19 May 2010

The markets' coming squiggles

Yes, I know all about the 'news' coming from Europe, England and Germany especially, that targets short-selling. (Really, the short sellers themselves.) No, none of it surprises me; please recall my comment from Monday's post, "... a future in which governments impose confiscatory taxes against ‘evil’ investors (of all types and time frames), which begets more selling to pay the tax" seems clearly in play. Unfortunately, and as I argued, the short-sellers represent not the problem, merely its symptom. (Short sellers do represent liquidity, something the markets scream for, so the Europeans efforts amount to shooting themselves in the foot.) The true problem is the spend spend spend philosophy of politicians, who effectively prove to be spenders, not managers. Whatever happened to the concept of thrift?

The markets follow, almost lockstep, the trajectory of the US$... although it thinks it follows the ongoing travails of the . But that's okay, the net effects remain the same: Wild oscillations in all markets, especially during overnight sessions, with its lesser liquidity. But what of today, and the near future -- will the market crash here, now, as some market prognosticators suddenly believe?

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