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28 April 2006

A few words about Microsoft

Whereas I merely raked Microsoft/MSFT over the coals in this post, -- arguably, unfairly so -- Barry Ritholtz rips the company a new orifice (and with similar arguments)...
"From a tech standpoint, their products are kludgy and unimpressive; Their strong suit is not innovation -- it is relentless, incremental improvement, eventually leading to a decent if underwhelming product."
"They continue to lose market share to Google in search (Don't believe the vaporware hype); Their blogging product is a ghetto; MSN continues to lag, losing share and money; X-box is a multi-billion dollar loser (no one else would have/could have thrown so much cash at merely hurting Sony); They keep pushing back Vista -- thats a function of how sprawlingly large and apparently disorganized they have become as an organization; Oh, and I am still awaiting their iPod killer, first mentioned by them about 30 months ago. I remember the days when the mere mention of Microsoft moving into a product area would disrupt the comeptition, force delays in other company's purchases, and crush competitor's stock prices. The vapor announcements have lost their punch; that strategy is no more."
Read Barry's complete (and witty!) post here.
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

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