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29 September 2006

Hawaii Wish List

The message below is from a long-time friend, Jack Cory; several of you might recall him. In this snippet from his most recent email, he tells me what has occupied his time of late. I post it here for those with similar interest...
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist
Hi again, it's me! You know, that guy about whom you used to ask, "What ever happened to ... ", and then he just disappeared over a programmer's horizon.

After many months of working on my new website, Hawaii Wish List, I have finally conceded that it is as done as it's going to get - for awhile.
There are still more things that need to be designed and built but I believe that the site is now complete enough to begin to approach advertisers for inclusion. All of the potential advertisers are companies that provide services to Hawaii tourists.

Why has it taken so long, since I am otherwise unemployed? Well, there are all those trips this old guy has to take to visit doctors. Then there is the fact that although I have been a programmer for decades, until I undertook this project I had never ever written even a single line of code for the web. Also, and this is a considerable task, I wrote all of the text for the entire site (except for the Molokai page.) I am actually a very slow writer, made even slower by the fact that I edit every word many, many times.

On the homepage you will find a blank space under the How To Use This Site heading. I will fill this in later after I have completed the next phase of items to be added. I also may change the design of the pages somewhat in the future. In looking at the pages for each island please consider that Maui is the model for what the others will be.

I have yet to release the site to the search engines but will do so once we get some advertisers on board. In order to reach the site you have to use
the direct link.

Your comments, corrections, and critiques will be greatly appreciated. I hope you like it - at least a little.


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