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04 November 2006

Google takes England by storm

Well, I said long ago that Google/GOOG would repeatedly surprise and astound the world, as it mounts its ascent to primacy. Despite the company's many and regular successes, this article proves that people -- in this instance, the Financial Times, the British media establishment, and its analysts -- can still be flabbergasted...
[Google's] "advertising revenue in the UK is expected this year to surpass Channel 4’s anticipated 2006 take of £800m. Within 18 months, it is forecast to overtake ITV1, Britain’s leading commercial TV channel and the country’s biggest single recipient of advertising revenue ... Media forecasters called Google’s rise “astonishing”. They stressed that their predictions depended on it maintaining its historic rapid growth in a more competitive UK internet market."
The complete article re Google can be read here.

From strength to strength. And yet the company continues to dwarf the expectations of its disbelievers... and its believers.

With the exception of one.

Thank you to reader, Bryan Gindoff, for referring this article to me.

-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

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