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20 January 2007

Weekend Cartoon Fest #3 -- Me (dmg)

I love creativity in all its guises -- even if I must serve as its muse. (A polite method of saying that I am the butt of this cartoon.) Nonetheless, I love it... Enjoy!

[click on each cartoon to enlarge]

Okay, I was somewhat mystified as to the cartoonist's meaning, so I requested understanding. Her reply...

Picture 1- Girl writes looong letters to this guy she met on the web and she really likes, but he ignores her...
Picture 2- Girl gets really happy when this guy replies (because that doesn’t happen too often)...
Picture 3- Guy writes his signature one line answer, so she is not happy...
Picture 4- She wants to see if his attitude changes if she talks about sex...
Picture 5- She is surprised to see how dramatically he changes. His one-line answers now become a novel. Ahhh!! The power of Sex!
David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

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