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25 April 2007

About to execute a Kilroy

Another recommended opportunity, Isis Pharmaceuticals/ISIS (although not a member of the core-9), appears set to make a large price move. Soon.

Based upon the chart, that imminent move appears to be up, with the past near-6 months of price activity resolving as one massive base. (As would be the entire pattern since 1992.) As I said in that earlier post,
"This squeeze can continue to compress, could even breakdown albeit ephemerally" -- which is precisely what occurred. I used that price decline to accumulate lots between $8.5 and $9. Now I await the price thrust above ~$10.25, and then above $11... with higher prices, perhaps much higher, to come subsequent to those initial breakouts.

I am prepared for such an event -- and eventuality. Are you?
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist


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