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03 May 2007

"I'm kicking myself"

"Wow, did I ever miss out on these picks. I'm kicking myself - especially regarding Chipotle Grill. Just call me dumb. As a matter of fact, just nuke me for not buying when you were recommending..."

Do not be too hard on yourself, "Luke." Yes, I was extraordinarily clear in my table-pounding for Chipotle Mexican Grill/CMG, but I was also for Google/GOOG, ad infinitum. The sad truth is most readers pay no heed to my recommendations.

Their loss. You could correct your own mis-step by finding the opportunity among my core 9 that looks especially sweet right now. I would tell you that opportunity would be J Crew/JCG under $40/share. We discussed this opportunity privately, and you had disparaging comments, or at least confusion... just as you did with Chipotle/CMG (at $55, and $60, etc).

Do not make again the same error! The trick with investing is not to avoid errors -- i.e., be correct always, or not do anything until you know with certainty -- but instead to embrace errors, learn from them, and not to make them again.

Success ensues. Trust me on that, if nothing else.

-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

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