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19 May 2007

A quickie update

... to my post, Signs of Change...

Among the handful of economists to whom I pay heed, Jim Griffin stands tall. He speaks plainly, abstains from flashy pronouncements, and makes eminent sense. It was a surprise when I read (only now, Friday evening) his thoughts from his firm's research weekly. (Download link below, if interested.)

Our thoughts as they pertain to the US$ and domestic interest rates mimic each other's. Jim reasons that, on a fundamental basis, US rates are heading higher, perhaps much higher. And that the $ will follow along (higher); what I see in the charts, Jim sees in the fundamentals. And already step #1 of the chart picture as I limned plays out: rates are moving higher.

So, I wonder: Where to from here?

-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

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