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18 May 2007

Rehashing CMG

I have received some emails that indicate my recommendations to buy or sell to be insufficiently clear. (In fact, the writers are angry!) The (lost) opportunity mentioned most often is Chipotle Mexican Grill/CMG.

I checked the archives, and found many posts wherein I pound the table for you to buy. (Most clustered when CMG sold in the low-$50s.) The post that makes the argument especially clear - for the shares, as opposed to the company, which I had limned previous - is this one.

Of course, I wonder: is it possible to be any more clear than I was...?

And while I am it, allow me to update another recommendation, albeit not a Core 9 Opportunity, Triumph/TGI. Recommended in mid-January as it broke out above $55, and as an intermediate term speculation, I note the shares now sell for $65+ (+20%), and trend higher toward its primary objective, ~$85/share. For those of you who purchased (and still hold) TGI, please keep in mind that objective; we could discuss then possible secondary objectives, if any.
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

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