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10 August 2007

Music for the weekend, take 10

Let's mix up the musical offerings a tad...

Bodies of Water is an LA-based band that creates a type of music that includes an almost overwhelming blend of soaring vocals. Think four part gospel, and you are close to the mark; think music that causes your body to move in reaction to the harmonies -- I dare you to will successfully your body from not moving! -- and you will share a sense of the joy I feel when listening to this band's music.

Playback says,

"Standout track, These Are the Eyes, begins with marching drums, bleating horns and chanted vocals that eventually slow down into gently strummed acoustic guitar before erupting into lovely call and response between male and female. In yet another turn, horns are added to the mix and the guitars speeds up, testing just how fast they can take it, before erupting into chants of
These are my eyes,
these are the eyes of my eyes
It's an absolutely "indie-liscious" (thank you) pop song that challenges how many mood and tempo changes a song should have."

Really, is it any surprise that I begin each day listening to this band's exciting CD? This band's music is alive, vibrant, and powerful. Unfortunately, this CD is not available at most retailers (nor from Amazon), but check out the band's website for complete purchase information.

As always, I am interested in your comments and thoughts... after you stop moving long enough to type, that is!
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist


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