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02 February 2008

Getting Things Done

David Allen, and his Getting Things Done, have danced in my consciousness for nigh on 2 years. Alas, that was all I knew; I had failed to discover more.

Until now. Thanks to this ~46 minute video of his presentation at the Googleplex, and that really does not get going until ~20 minutes in, I know a whole lot more. GTD is more, much more, than my assumption about a master to-do list; it is about ordering chaos at work, and in your life. I already use -- and of my own creation but nonetheless enjoy -- his Matrix and notion of clear space. Yes, it all is common sense, I suppose, but when has "common" ever meant used?

David's approach, as he says in the video, is system agnostic. Which means no more complaining; watch the video, and then change your life. Now.
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

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