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A private investor for 20+ years, I manage private portfolios and write about investing. You can read my market musings on three different sites: 1) The Deipnosophist, dedicated to teaching the market's processes and mechanics; 2) Investment Poetry, a subscription site dedicated to real time investment recommendations; and 3) Seeking Alpha, a combination of the other two sites with a mix of reprints from this site and all-original content. See you here, there, or the other site!

22 September 2008

Thank you

My objective with this blog always was to further your understanding of the markets' mechanisms and the process of investing: how they work, how not to be fearful, and how to profit. I view your questions as a quick and objective measure of your increased understanding; one reason why I seek your participation.

Which is why I appreciate your many messages on any topic, but, selfishly, especially re the future of this blog. You offer constructive criticisms, worthy and worthwhile suggestions, and gestures of support.
You humble me.

The Deipnosophist lives on, although some transformation(s) should be evident soon.

Thank you,
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist


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