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26 September 2008

THIS is the Life!

Amy MacDonald's debut CD, This is the Life, simply astounds me. I like every single track (I can recall off-hand only one other CD in which I like every single song), and marvel over each aspect of her many talents: writer, lyricist, singer, composer, arranger, and band leader. Oh, and humble; Amy seems like an especially fine person.

But her talent wow's me. My difficulty was which song to select from her fine, fine CD to reinitiate the "Music to kick-start the weekend" series, so I did the sensible thing: I selected the title track...

This is the Life -- Amy MacDonald

An interesting review of Amy's CD ratifies my perspective, although I am very interested to read your comments.

Really, though, listen to the entire CD. Better yet, buy it, and enjoy one astounding moment after another. Thank you, Amy.
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist


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