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23 August 2009

How American Health Care Killed My Father

The Atlantic magazine (September 2009) includes the article, How American Health Care Killed My Father by David Goldhill, a studious, methodical dissection of the current (and parlous) state of American health care.

I consider Goldhill's admitted lack of direct, hands-on experience in any form of health care to qualify his insights as that much more profound. And while he might not have an insider's knowledge of health care, he has a firm grasp of economics, Austrian school included, which serves especially well his argument and objective.

The article begins...
"Almost two years ago, my father was killed by a hospital-borne infection in the intensive care unit..."
David Goldhill neither equivocates nor minces words; note he does not say, "... my father died...", but that he was killed, which ascribes responsibility and blame.

And so it goes, throughout the entirety of this lengthy article. Lengthy, yes, but one I prefer continue, for Goldhill writes compellingly. If I tired of anything, it would be my constant fact-checking; Goldhill's facts check out.

So rather than glow on, please go read Goldhill's absolutely brilliant, even seminal article. Read all the way to the stunning, startling conclusion. (But do not peek!)

And then return here to share your thoughts...
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

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