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02 March 2006

Welcome WSJ readers

Thank you, Kevin Delaney for writing, and the Wall Street Journal for publishing, this excellent article/interview (with yours truly) re Google/GOOG, and the gales of changing investor sentiment. Thank you as well to the WSJ artist who struggled mightily against reality (that nose, that smile!) to make me appear handsome. And thank you to Chip Brand (also interviewed), whose insights provide much intelligent fodder for further thought. I suspect we are quite similar in outlook; only our time frames might differ.

And thank you for finding my blog; I heartily welcome all new readers and participants. Please read the many posts available, if so inclined; there is within these pages a treasure of material awaiting your discovery, not all of which is authored by me. Should the occasion present itself, please post your thoughts, comments, and insights on any topic.

-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

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