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30 April 2006

Tips for Google Calendar

For many years now, nigh a decade, I have relied on Microsoft Outlook as my scheduling calendar. No more. Now I use Google Calendar. There are many reasons for this; some obvious, some less so. A crucial difference for me, however, is my ability to access Google Calendar while away, from anywhere I can access the Internet... and with no need to lug with me my computer. Thus I can readily and easily check appointments, even create new ones or update others.

You will note my increasing usage of Calendar in this blog's sidebar; specifically under "I will be at..." More items will appear once I work out some of the bugs; i.e., my minimal knowledge of HTML, etc.

This post has some interesting "tips" on how to better utilize Google Calendar...

Since I’ve been an early user of Google Calendar for a few months now, thought I’d share a few tips that may make the jump a little smoother for others. Some tips may seem obvious, other tips may be completely new to you. Specifically, I’ve noticed hesitation by Mac users in trying Google Calendar, which I’ll address in a few Mac-only tips sprinkled in with the rest.
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

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