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08 May 2006

Rise and shine at Google

In his typical style, Robert Cringely waxes fanciful in Part 1 of 2 parts as to "...why Microsoft is headed down and Google is headed up."
"Right now in computing and the Internet, there are four fundamental forces to be reckoned with -- Google, Intel, Microsoft, and Yahoo... Of these companies, only Intel actually makes hardware and so it acts as a surrogate for the entire hardware industry -- an industry in decline."
"You'll notice, for example, that I didn't include Sun in my list of vital companies. That's not so much because Sun can be defined in terms of the others but that Sun is simply doomed..."
"Microsoft is a dinosaur that survives and will continue to survive because it has been anticipating misfortune, well, since forever. But for all its survivor instinct and cash in the bank, Microsoft is trapped by an antiquated business theory."
In this essay, Cringely also shreds Yahoo/YHOO's strategy in some surprisingly interesting comments. As to why he believes Google/GOOG is on the ascendant, we must await next week's Part 2.
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

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