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11 August 2007

re Stardust

Some readers, knowing my proclivity to see almost every movie, request my opinion re STARDUST, which opened yesterday...
Please post a mini-review to let us know if we should see this movie. The promos look good, but you never know.
Hi, Linda,
I lack the time to write a complete review, and want to avoid including any spoilers in what I do say, so I am left with what will seem an opinionated screed.

I sure would like back the 2 hours this movie stole from me. I acknowledge that many people in the audience were seemingly enchanted and charmed by this movie's surface qualities; any intelligent person, however, will wax increasingly angry, as dues ex machina piles upon dues ex machina.

Really, who bears the responsibility for this travesty? A work of art must hew true to its internal logic, no matter how preposterous the story or its setup. This movie fails to hew true to itself, fails to engage your mind, and merely hopes it can charm its way into your heart, so that you ignore its pervasive imbecility. Repeatedly painted into a corner (albeit not much of one), the writer or director opts for the easy way out -- even though the moviemakers' and movie's characters make many decisions that make no organic sense. Alas, the movie falls flat on its face, and that flatness weighs heavily on your sensibility, as 1 minute creeps its way to two, and then three, as it dodders its way to 125 minutes of soul-deadening, time-wasting claptrap.

Yes, other people seemingly enjoyed the movie; it is possible you will as well. If you do go see this movie, I suggest you bring along your tax return and a clip-on light so that your 2 hours could be spent productively.

You never know," is correct!
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist


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