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29 September 2008

IQ, Brain Training, and Google

The notion that "increases in intelligence through training of working-memory" fascinates me; heck, it is the primary objective of this blog. With the writer's permission, I bring it to your attention. (See private message below.)

Perhaps it will tickle your fancy as well.
-- David M Gordon / The Deipnosophist

Hello, David.

I came to your blog via the May 11 post “Are books overrated?” (A provocative question.) In this post you mention the study by Susanne Jaeggi and Martin Buschkuehl in which they recorded increases in intelligence through training of working-memory.

I then bounced over to your profile and read the WSJ article about your continued confidence Google stock back in 2006, which prompted me to go check out Google stock and find that your confidence was well-founded; it performed just as you’d predicted. All very interesting.

After I read about the Jaeggi/Buschkuehl research I started a company to publish a commercial version of the training program. I was inspired by the idea that this finding could bring about real and important changes in people’s lives. The idea that intelligence can be trained is a great leveler. (And, having just quit the drudgery of corporate IT after 22 years, if anyone was going to do it, why shouldn’t it be me?) Five months on, the software is selling steadily, if slowly.

I thought you may be interested in this update on what happened to the research; the software website, if you are.

Best wishes,

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