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17 September 2009

[UPDATED] Important notice re The Deipnosophist

My original intention was that The Deipnosophist site not be an investments-only site, but instead a reflection of whatever was on my mind at that time. Based upon numbers of readers and their participation, it is clear that I fail to attract the audience I seek.

So, after 4 1/2 years of posts and many consultations with friends and colleagues, I have decided to make the following changes:

1) This site (The Deipnosophist) will remain largely as is -- a mix of topics drawn from my own broader interests, but will specifically exclude investment recommendations.
2) Reader comments will be disabled. This is done to simplify the management of the site, since this feature is sadly underused and takes up an undue amount of time relative to the participation of readers.
3) I will initiate a new site, which will include my up-to-date investments, be available only to subscribers, and will have comments enabled so that subscribers can ask questions of me and of each other.

If you wish to be notified when my new site goes live, please contact me.

UPDATE (8.28.2009)
1) Thank you for your many indications of interest re the new site
2) The new investment site will have a subscription fee, though not especially dear
3) The new site will not go live until late-October (after I return from Spain and London)
4) New posts will occur here (and soon), but placement will be under this post, which will remain at the top, so scan down the page;
5) I will continue to post here re investing, but not investments

I welcome your questions and comments.

Thank you,
David M. Gordon / The Deipnosophist


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